Model Services

Please Contact us directly for queries on pricing in any of these services on our contact page or by calling London 07925409633

Direct model services

We offer a bespoke service for models in the glamour industry. Our experience and reputation enables us to be knowledgable and very easy team to work with. We like to run a professional outfit which enables us to create some great content.

Many models now create their very own content for their self own websites and it has never been easier to run your own business in the glamour industry. Producing your own content allows you to go in the direction you want to go and have a controlled carear with out having to rely on others. Its all about being in charge!


Photoshoots 300widePhotoshoots

We have a great photo team team in place to make your glamour photo shoot go well. Having been involved in the glamour industry for over 12 years we have picked up a trick or two and so your shoot runs smoothly.

Photoshoot images can be used for:

  • Personal use
  • Portfolios for model agents
  • Website content
  • Website members content
  • Social media
  • And many more…

We will create a special licence so you know where you stand as regards copyright and images usage.

We can even put the images towards syndication and publication and so so there is an opportunity of getting you money back from  the shoot. We have our very own syndication library on this link and supply to many publications. SYNDICATION


Video Shoots

We have been working with HD video media for the last 6 years and shoot in many different styles. We are not just a man with a video camera but we create great cinematic style films with character which stand out and look great and much better than the straight video styles you are used to. However if this is the style you want we can also film in that style.

We can script your film so it looks more like a production film or just run guerrilla style depending on your style required.

Some of our film styles include

  • 16:9 Standard HD (TV)
  • 2:35.1 for that cinematic look
  • 4:3 video (TV for the 80s)
  • Vintage 16mm film giving you a retro style production

You can check out some of our films on this link CENTRALLONDONSTUDIOS FILMS



Require a calendar to sell on your website or ecommerce site? We have shot numerous calendars in many exotic locations and can produce for you a great product which will last a great 12 months.

We have companies in place who can produce for you short run calendars so it still makes it economical to have a calendar shot. Calendars have a great prestige to them and can be used as great promotion and marketing material especially when run with a competition on your website or other publicity stunts.

Please contact direct with any special requests or queries on costings and calendar production on our contact page.



If you require a bespoke personalised website we have some great people in place who can create for you a ecom website where you can kickstart your online carear. There are many ways to create money using your website.

We can set up:

  • General portfolio website
  • Members section
  • E commerce
  • Webcam services
  • and many more….

There are many options and directions for websites to go so please contact us direct with your ideas and a pricing quote.




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