webcam models

Become a Webcam Model

We’re currently seeking ambitious and new talented girls for webcam to operate from our central London studio. Webcam is the perfect job and has great earning potential! No experience is necessary however our studio is only looking for quality model type girls who have great earning potential. We offer a free test photo/video shot to evaluate your potential of which you can keep the images.

Webcam Model Benefits:

  • Great earning potential
  • Begin working without experience and learn as you go.
  • Set your own schedule and work any time of day or night
  • Remain 100% anonymous
  • Block specific countries from viewing your content so friends and family never know.
  • Build your presence in the adult industry at your own comfort level
  • Get free photo shoots and video shoots which you can use to sell and make extra cash.

Webcam models must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have a good attractive look
  • Self motivated with a strong desire to succeed
  • Fun, friendly, and highly flirtatious
  • Comfortable performing in the nude
  • We will supply you with a great studio location.

What is webcam?

Webcam modeling is a very unique position within the adult entertainment industry.

Open Chat

You must be attractive and seductively dressed and will be logged into our chat network where you are streamed to our server on live video. All you have todo is chat to the chat to the users in the open room. Since there is no exchange of money in open chat, your goal is to entice users to take private (1-on-1) and become paying customers. This is where the entertainment happens and models earn their money.

Private Chat

While in private sessions, you earn a set amount per minute as the customers direct you in their very own adult shows. Customers often pay to chat with you without even making any sexual requests, so you never can know what to expect. You never have to do anything youre not comfortable with, however you should at least be comfortable with performing in solo (unless performing with another model), sexual situations.

Income Potential

While most webcam models don’t begin making six figures over night, top earners can make £50K per year! On average, new girls start off earning between £15-£20 per hour until they build a solid fan base. If you put in the time necessary to develop a customer following you can typically average between £50-100 per hour within a couple of months. With hard work, development, and dedication, webcam modeling can be a very rewarding and lucrative career.

Ready to get started? Simply complete the Model Registration form and include an image of yourself. We don’t accept everybody but those we think have potential will be asked to either do a Skype video call or invited into the studio for an interview. We look forward to hearing from you.